10 Tips for Frustrating Days

Did you ever have one of those days where you just couldn’t get anything done because it all goes wrong?

This is one of those for me! Here are 10 tips for coping.

1. Stop doing what you are doing that is frustrating you. Come back to it later
2. Ask someone in the office or wherever you are for help with the task
3. Get up and stretch your body and BREATHE! We forget when we are frustrated and stressed and we get more frustrated and tense.
4. Drink a large glass of water….your brain gets dehydrated easily and you get tired because of it
5. Call a friend and complain then laugh
6. Remind yourself of 2 or 3 things you have done well and easily in your life
7. Put on soothing music
8. Look in a mirror and smile….you will feel better. Really.
9. Eat something you love but just a bite or two so you won’t pig out and then be more frustrated
10. Watch a funny video like this one Dust yourself off. Pick yourself up. And start all over again.

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