What is the Glamour Shrink?

The Glamour Shrink is my most recent endeavor to help women become the confident glamorous creatures I believe all women can be. My careers have been glamorous to the outside world and to some degree they are. But that is not all they were and are. They have been a lot of hard work and my effort to build my confidence by creating and doing.

My favorite things to create are ways to live more beautifully and confidently. Women are not usually the most naturally confident beings. We are bombarded by advertising and the media by images of “glamorous” women who look flawless and amazing. And believe me they ARE beautiful. But I can say from experience having been in Hollywood and the modeling world,  even THEY, don’t look like that. No one does. Photoshop is an incredible tool.

I want to help women value what their unique gifts and talents and through that find their most glamorous confident selves. Everyone has this power within them. We are not always supported to discover our talents and confident selves, but we all have the ability. I have found mine through my years of searching and accomplishing things. And through many hours of working on what I am good at and sometimes not so good at. I used to think anyone could do whatever they set their mind to but I don’t think that anymore. I could say I want to be a brain surgeon but no matter what I did, I could never get past the math to get into medical school. Or I could want to be a basketball player on a woman’s team. But there’s one problem. I am afraid of the ball and have no particular athletic talent. So I’ve  had to look at what I naturally gravitate towards. Art, design, acting,helping others, teaching, and business. There is no one who cannot find their talents within. I would like to help you find yours.

Finding personal style and your unique brand of glamour is what my blog is about. I want to show you how your confidence and self esteem can lead to a more glamorous existence which is not about hair clothes and makeup alone. It is about who you are and what makes you stand out.

6 Responses to “What is the Glamour Shrink?”

  • This is a great idea. I look forward to seeing where it goes!


  • I agree the idea is great. I am glad someone decided to take such a challenge. In today’s world all is about the outside beauty. Eating disorder clinics are full of women struggling with bulimia, and anorexia. No one is addressing the issue strongly enough. Hope your blog wakes everyone up to set their priorities straight. I will be following closely. Good luck

  • Amanda Horan Kennedy

    The world needs you! Yes–body and soul–it is all connected and here’s a blog where we can explore together. I’ll be checking in regularly. Great job!

  • Great ideas! I loved learning about how to make leggings work for you! Thanks for showing simple ways to bring the glamour out in every women. With the new ideas I have learned, I now look forward to adding leggings in my fall wardrobe.

  • I love the idea! We as women are often so hard on ourselves. It is nice to be reminded that we have all been gifted with great internal strength. Thanks for helping us learn how to be empowered to bring out the glamour that we all possess!

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