Natalie Wood : : Glamour & Kindness

Natalie WoodWhen I picture a glamorous woman I think of Natalie Wood.

I met her while playing a guest star role on Hart to Hart, staring Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers. Natalie carried herself with grace and ease. She was so lovely and feminine. But there was something else that made her even more glamorous in my eyes. She was kind.

Natalie introduced herself and we chatted for a while. My attention was called back to the shoot. Right after we finished, Robert Wagner came over to me and said, “My wife and I would like to take you out to lunch.” I was delighted. We ate a delicious lunch and spoke as peers. I was treated with the utmost respect.

Let’s face it. I was a 24 year-old nobody. I had a small part on one episode of her husband’s show. Natalie Wood was a star! She had no reason to notice me, but she did. She didn’t have to be considerate, but she was.

In contrast, Stephanie Powers never said a word to me. She exuded a hardness and a self-centeredness that overpowered any glamour she might have possessed. These two women were quite a contrast. When I get too caught up in myself, I stop and ask, “Am I being glamorous right now? Am I being kind or demanding?” I take a deep breath and allow myself to soften into my own version of Natalie; a woman who was such a lady, and the vision of sophisticated glamour that started from within her and cast a spell on everyone in her presence.

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  • So true! Glamour is all about who you want to be and who inspires you to be that way. I know I feel my most glamourous, not when I am surrounded by my coworkers in the fashion industry, when we are all dolled up and at a fabulous party, but when I have the opportunity to meet new people who exude their “glamour” and make me strive to better.

    The Glamourshrink’s story truly captivates the inner most essence of what true glamour is- its a balance of the external and the internal, and a constant evaluation of what is most important to you!

    Powerful insight and best of luck to the Glamourshrink!

  • Amanda Horan Kennedy

    I love the idea that glamour is something we can all attain as we express our own selves authentically. I can imagine Natalie Wood “being” glamorous–because she simply was. Not because she had good lighting or a crew of make up artists. She expressed her inner strength that allowed her to be kind. I like that model to strive for.

  • I have been a big Natalie Wood fan sine I saw my first Natalie movie as a child in 1964. Even as a child, I had a big crush on her..not only because of her physical beauty but mainly because of her inward beauty. Thank you to the actress above who wrote such positive words about the real Natalie. It is awesome to know that she was just as beautiful and kind off screen as on. A very special lady. I wish I could have met her but I believe I will in heaven. I named my daughter after her…and my daughter, believe it or not, resembles her in many ways!

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